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  • A stroll along the scenic downtown riverfront marks a perfect summer day in Detroit.

  • A rendering of the M1-Rail streetcar, which will run downtown along Woodward Avenue.

  • Gather and relax in the lively oasis of downtown’s Campus Martius Park.

  • Expect premier shows, exhibitions and events throughout the year at Cobo Center.

Detroit Headlines

Detroit Inspires

New is a word familiar in Detroit. New restaurants, entertainment districts, retailers and businesses are everywhere. All this new “stuff” is a sign that Detroit is truly America’s great comeback city. Find out which major publications have featured Detroit recently.

6 Unexpected Cities for the Food Lover
National Geographic, January 2017

52 Places to Go in 2017
New York Times, January 2017

5 Industrial Cities Making America’s Rust Belt Shine Again
Vogue, November 2016

The 26 Hottest Food Cities of 2016
Zagat, November 2016

Detroit is America’s great comeback story
Toronto Star, September 2016

Rust Belt's not just a political force _ it's a destination
Associated Press, December 2016

Tour Detroit's historic Eastern Market
USA Today, November 2016

Made in Motor City: Flavors only found in Detroit
USA Today, October 2016

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 "The city's industrial past is already giving way to a high tech future, and the excitement we've seen throughout the city ­ as well as the success that new tech firms have already had ­ is making the Big D one of the best places to launch a tech startup this year."

— Dan Blacharski, editor-in-chief String





… of the arts, history, Cobo Center and total cool factors like @detroitrvrfrnt.

… I grew up there. I am amazed at all the new and wonderful things, especially Cobo Center.

… of the fantastic walkable downtown, fantastic new restaurants and @detroitrvrfrnt.

… Detroit has a great blend of cultural, entertainment and lodging options.

… I want to be part of something amazing, a revitalization of making America great again.

… it’s a comeback city making headlines at a great value!


"Detroit is one of the most beautiful cities as far as its architecture and the friendly population.."  Check out Irene's video.

— Irene Healey, Founder of newAttitude
… of the Motown music!

… I know how hard everybody has worked to make a great comeback.


Fast Fact

Detroit is a great sports town with the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions and Detroit Red Wings playing downtown, and the Detroit Pistons in Oakland County.